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On July 10, 2005 several people gathered in Rakow cemetery to commemorate a new monument dedicated to the 112 young men murdered by the Nazis in the autumn of 1941.

The event is described in Rakow Yizkor Book on page 142. The men remained anonymous, their names hidden for ever in the hearts of Rakow men and women killed few weeks later in Rakow Ghetto.

The site was discovered in 2004 while documenting Rakow cemetery.

The project was founded by Lazarus Charitable Foundation from England. 

Among the people present at the ceremony were the Mayer of Rakow, Diana and Michael Lazarus representatives of the Mark Simon Lazarus Foundation (Great Britain), Rakow residents, Minsk ghetto survivors, Yuri Dorn who is the Co-director of Holocaust's victims Commemorative Commission and young people from Minsk "Gilel" organization.


The monument’s inscriptions: “Here in the year 1941 112 Jews from Rakow were brutally murdered.To the everlasting memory of the Victims of the Holocaust.”

The inscription at the bottom: "A contribution from Simon Mark Lazarus foundation made this project possible"